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USLA Overview

USLA is America’s nonprofit, professional association of beach lifeguards and open water rescuers. We work to reduce the incidence of death and injury in the aquatic environment through public education, national aquatic rescue standards, training programs, promotion of high levels of readiness, and other means.

Northwest Region USLA Member Benefits

  • Membership in America’s professional beach lifeguard association
  • USLA membership card
  • Subscription to American Lifeguard Magazine
  • Lifeguard educational conferences
  • Local, regional and national Board of Directors meetings
  • Public education materials
  • USLA decal and other items
  • The latest information on open water rescue
  • Networking among other open water rescuers
  • And much, much, more . . .
  • Sign up On Line

Special Benefits for Professional, Junior, and Alumnus Members

  • Participation in USLA sanctioned competitions
  • Regional, national and international lifeguard exchanges
  • Affiliation with junior lifeguard programs and competitions
  • And much, much, more . . .
  • Sign up On Line

How To Become A Member

The USLA membership year extends from April 1st to March 30th of the following year. To become a new USLA member or to renew your existing membership, you can use a credit card and submit your application electronically. If you would prefer to mail in your application with a check covering the membership fee, you can use our printable membership form.

Membership Categories

Professional — Available to direct, active employees of an ocean, bay, lake, river, or open water lifesaving or rescue service who have worked at least eight hours in the current year or retired employees thereof. All Chiefs, Directors, or equivalent are qualified for membership.

Alumnus Member — Available to anyone who formerly qualified under the professional category.

Associate Member — Available to anyone 18 years of age or older who wishes to affiliate with USLA, but does not qualify as a professional or alumnus member.

Associate Junior Lifeguard Member — Available to anyone under 18 years of age who wishes to affiliate with USLA, but does not qualify as a professional or alumnus member.

Junior Lifeguard Member — Available to anyone in a junior lifeguard program. This membership is only available through your junior lifeguard program coordinator and is not available online.

For questions or concerns about USLA membership in the Northwest Region, please contact the National Membership Liaison.

Sign up on line, or print out an application form and mail it to us.

Apply to the USLA Online

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