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United States Lifesaving Association; National Board of Directors Meeting Fall 2018

The USLA held the 2018 Fall Board of Directors Meeting in Del Ray Beach, Florida at the end of October. Our Redwood Coast team traveled with our Pacific Northwest region President, Cathy VonWald, our Easy Bay Regional Parks representative, Kyle Maxwell, and our former President Jim McCray. Newly appointed Treasurer, Lesley Pfeiffer joined the ranks for her first time since joining the Redwood Coast. Our Pacific Northwest Team will meet for the next National Board of Director’s meeting in San Antonio, Texas on April 24-28. Please visit the United States Lifesaving Association for further details on the minutes gathered from our meetings.

United States Lifesaving Association

National Board of Directors Meeting &

Educational Conference

April 18th – 20th

Santa Rosa California

The North West Region U.S.L.A. is hosting the Spring Board of Directors Meeting and Educational Conference on April 18th, 19th and 20th in Santa Rosa, California at the Flamingo Resort and Spa. The Board of Directors includes lifeguards and aquatic safety professionals across the nation. The Educational Conference will be held on April 19th 2013.

  • If you are interested in an educational wine or brewery tour with tastings and appetizers  after the Educational Conference Please email

The Flamingo Resort and Spa has special room rates for guests attending this conference. Conference attendees will have to call the Flamingo directly at 800-848-8300 in order to make their reservations by identifying themselves as part of the Pacific Northwest Region United States Lifesaving Association or by saying USLA .Getting to the Meeting:

Oakland and San Francisco International airports are the closest large airports to Santa Rosa.  If renting a car, both San Francisco and Oakland can accommodate you.  Oakland is a faster airport to get through and an easier drive to Santa Rosa.

If not renting a car, the Airport Express can take you from San Francisco International to downtown Santa Rosa where we will have a shuttle that can pick you up Wednesday.  We will also have a shuttle available to take you from the hotel on Sunday to the Airport Express drop off location.

If you want to get right to Santa Rosa by air, you can fly into STS Santa Rosa Airport.  Alaska Airlines is usually the best bet this way.  There are car rentals available here.  You will also be within 10 minutes of the hotel or a $20 cab ride.

Please feel to contact David Robinson with any questions.

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